With the new year fast approaching, some of us have made resolutions, some of us have set goals.  I have done neither.  My ‘intention’ (see what I did there?) is to get completely away from commercial beer, recipe kits, and recipe clones.  I have been brewing beer now for 10 years.  All of it either from a kit or a clone.  In 10 years the only beer I have ever dumped was early on, I didn’t know what I was doing and it ‘looked’ funny.  I really wish I could get that beer back!  🙂  No, really.  That was $30 I could have spent elsewhere.

I want to use this blog to record my progress over the next year.  My intention is to run my homebrewery, more or less, like a business, with myself being my best customer, of course!  I don’t necessarily have a ‘head for business’ per se but, I do have a head for accounting.  I can bury myself in spreadsheets like nobody else.  In toying with one of my spreadsheets recently, I have figured out that I can brew beer for roughly 1/3 the cost of buying it.  I found a program called Beersmith, which is used to help homebrewers develop recipes, prepare shopping lists and manage inventory.  I have been using it over the past week or so develop four recipes that I plan on starting this project with.

I would like to put myself into a position, rather quickly, where I am brewing something every weekend and tweaking the recipes as I go along.  The four recipes I have are for an American Light lager, a Cream Ale, a Pale Ale and a Stout.  Upfront, the only one of these recipes that is not my own is the Cream Ale.  It is one that I took from one of the members of homebrewtalk.com but, it’s awesome, easy to brew and has become a favorite.  So, it stays.  I think these four cover the gamut of the styles I prefer.  Now, I just need to make them my own…  😉

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One Response to 2012

  1. renee says:

    excited to keep reading! sounds like your basic 4 are good choices…they would be the perfect ones for me too… not much else in the world you need! i think its great that you are taking not only a creative perspective but an analytical/business aproach. you making plans yet for a beer tasting? would be fun and informative to gather your friends/family to chat about your beer, offer thoughts and feedback. I’ll be waiting for the invite! Good luck in your adventures in 2012!

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