Again, why am I doing this?

This morning, I placed an order for the first two recipes I want to work with, the American light lager and the cream ale.  I took both of those recipes and developed a ‘price comparison’ spreadsheet that lays out both, what it will cost to brew each batch, and what the cost to buy certain beers in those particular styles would be.  What I found was pretty interesting.  I realize that my view of beer production is very limited.  Like, limited to what it costs ME to produce beer.  I have no idea what it costs bigger, established breweries to produce beer in regards to anything other that what I have listed on my spreadsheet.  Businesses are in business to make money!  That’s what they do!  What I want to show is that you can, like most anything else, do it cheaper by doing it at home.

So, here’s my ‘cost comparison’ spreadsheet.  It’s pretty straightforward.  On the right hand side, you’ll find the ingredients I will be using and how much it costs me to brew 10 gallons of each recipe.  On the left hand side, you’ll find what it would cost me to buy other beers in that particular style according to the package size I would buy them at.  To help put a perspective on these figures, I broke the price down into per beer and per ounce cost.

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